Koester jezelf en den anderen om je heeb: we zijn stuk voor stuk pareltjes

Imagine the floor of a shallow Sea. A tropical Sea, the water is clear, calm and warm. The colour is the most beautiful turquoise blue you have ever seen. In the white soft fine sand on the floor of the sea are lots of shells. Around the shells are millions of colourful fishes, sea plants and sea flowers.

All of them have a purpose. The plants are the food for the small fish. The small fish are the food of bigger fish and so on. And there are the shells, what is the purpose of the shells? You can see that some are closed and others are a little bit open. If you look inside the shell you see a treasure. A unique Pearl. Some white, some black, some pink.

There are so many different colours. When the shell allows you to capture the pearl you bring it to the surface of the sea. There you wipe off the soft, fine, white sand. Carefully hold the Pearl between your thumb and your index finger, allow the sunlight to catch the pearl and see what happens...Magical isn't it?What a beautiful thing! Made by our Planet.

Today, we pay a fortune for ‘the perfect pearl’. Humans have created factories making 'pearls'. These factories make pearls so perfectly that they are all the same. But is that perfection?Imagine these Pearls to be People.

On this planet Earth we are with more than 7 billion people.!

Think about this: each of those 7 billion people is different.

People are born on different continents, in different cultures, in different families, in different family roles, different religions, different education, variety in skin colour and so on.

We all experience what happens to and around us in a different way. We record what we experience in a different way. All this makes up your world. And because your world is different to mine it is an exciting adventure for me to step into your world.

Let you and me (re)discover the Pearl inside you.

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