Waarom ik blog?

Vanavond voor het slapen gaan lees ik een oude blog van mijn zeer gewaardeerde lerares Sue Knight, het raakt me in mijn ziel, zoals zo veel van Sue's woorden. Ik deel het graag met je.

" I recently received a question in my ‘Get in Touch’ section on my web about how I had marketed my book NLP at Work. I thought it might be helpful for others (you?) to read my answer and here it is Re your questions.. well I didn’t research the market and I don’t’ research the market for my courses and trainings either (in the traditional sense)… I have a very different way of working.. I do what I love and see who likes it.. I use this approach for business ‘Attracting Clients’ which is very different to selling to clients.. I have launched a new programme on just that basis. However my publisher did have a feel for this. And I didn’t have to send the spec to any publishers as he approached me because he had heard of the pioneering work (back then) that I was doing with NLP in the workplace and he felt that there was a gap in the market for that as had I when I first started to study NLP. Before publishing the book however I would write articles and newsletters and get my writing out wherever and whenever I could. So writing about NLP was what I was increasingly getting known for and I was writing about NLP in the workplace so not surprisingly when this publisher was looking for someone to write a book he approached me. For me this is a way of having an outcome that is truly within my control.. I can’t control who might approach me but for sure I can control how much about what I do is out there in the public eye… I hope that helps you… NLP at Work and the way that it has sold over the years has been a gift to me.. It is now in 14 different languages and there is a new 3rd edtion due out in November this year (red. 2013) with new chapters on Time, Humour and Clean Language and lots more… I wish you success and fun and lots of learning on your journey.. Writing is a rich place to learn… "

Sue, dank dank dank. Ik doe wat ik geweldig vind en leer elke dag zoveel bij. Niet alle keuzes zijn eenvoudig en soms ook gewoon heel erg moeilijk, ik onthou: er is geen falen alleen feedback. Jij bent mijn inspiratie en dankzij jou zet ik door.

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